Best configuration for critical devices

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Best configuration for critical devices

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Hi there,
I need your advice! I have a critical device (a smoke alarm) and I am worrying that a message from it may for some reason fail to be delivered and the alarm will be missed for example. What are the best practices to maximize route reliability?
Do you think it can be achieved by minimizing the number of hops and ensuring that the time to deliver the messages/number of retransmissions is low?
From your experience, what RSSI values result in good communication quality?
Will be grateful for your answers!
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Re: Best configuration for critical devices

Post by alo1234 »

Anybody can answer? I've got the same question. I've seen that the Zniffer show a rssi of -40 DBm when a Z-Wave device is near the gateway. What is the minimum rssi level to have a good link? At which level should I add a repeater to get a stable network? Thanks
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