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FYI : Sensative strips guard routing bug (and solution)...

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 16:33
by anom3
Before I begin I love these sensors... Saves me from having to drill holes in my doors, which I am sure I would end up fucking up and ruining a $XXXX hard wood door ;) So this is in no ways a knock on Sensative... I will be purchasing their 700 series when they hit market.

I found an issue using zsniffer with my strips guards where essentially the only routing options were:

a) Direct to controller
b) Falls back to explorer packets

I emailed sensative about this and they told me that firmware 0.8 and older had a bug where the routing table could not be updated using doing a neighbor update. So if at any point you removed, added, etc any nodes near the strip, it would either not use the new node or try to use a node that was no longer present, EVEN if you did a re-scan of neighboring nodes. So in two of my locations where they are simply too far away from the controller they would fall back to explorer packets, slowing things down for a second or two for the whole mesh while the door was opened or closed.

The solution is fairly simple, either get strips with firmware 0.10 (not sure if 0.9 exists?) or exclude / re-include in their final location. As long as you have some repeaters that support NWI you should have no issues having them include far from your controller.

I mention this because I bet these devices are fairly popular.