Company or just one person ?

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Company or just one person ?

Post by vinisz »


I’m wondering on “how big” the company really is ? Here on the forum I only see Poltos active (other “team” members have not been active for more then 2 years)
So, for dealing with problems, feature development, waranty, support, etc, can someone tell me what company we are dealing with ? If things do depend on one person too much (like I have seen with things like domoticz) then that is not a very good thing.
Hope someone can clarify on this matter.

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Re: Company or just one person ?

Post by PoltoS »

;) We have 15 persons in our dev team, but most developers do not speak English well or don't like to.

Here are few other colleagues from our team writing in English: aivs, p0lyg0n1. Others are wrinting in Russian.

So keep calm ;)

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