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Reporting status of a mechanical contact switch

Posted: 30 Aug 2020 00:50
by Colin2
Short version: Suppose there is a mechanical contact switch 100 feet from me. I'd like to open an iphone app and see its status. How best?

Long version: I have a robust wifi network and a Simplisafe security system but no other home automation at the moment. I am considering abandoning Simplisafe for Abode, and that's leading me to consider adopting Z-Wave for future home projects. My first project would be simple: I have an out-building with two dumb locks whose status I'd like to know. I can put mechanical microswitches inside the door frames that close when the deadbolts close. That part is easy! The question is how to get that on/off information to a phone app. This means, I think, a battery-powered device wired to the switch that communicates with a bridge, a bridge, and software to link bridge to phone. Any guidance welcome.

Please accept the usual newbie apologies if this question is inappropriate or has been answered many times.