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Slow API

Post by Jeppo »


I have a Raspberry Pi 3 set up with a Razberry2 and ZWay from image file. SD card is class A2 at 60MB/s.
The problem is, that the API is very slow to respond. First command works right away but the second command takes literally minutes to execute.

I am using the following PHP code to interact with Zway:

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$open = file_get_contents('http://login:removed@');
$close = file_get_contents('http://login:removed@');
I have tried several devices (locks and outlets), all with the same result. I have also tried with a UZB1 stick instead of Razberry2.

Please help!
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Re: Slow API

Post by PoltoS »

If you look on "ZWayVDev_zway_5-0-37 performCommand processing" line in the log, you will see that the command arrived indeed too late to the Z-Way. I would say your sender (the PHP script) is working slow. May be use tcpdump/wireshark to see how long does it take to make the first connection and when the second is initiated.

Also don't use login/pass but token for authentication

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