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Is it at all conceivable to compose custom firmware for existing outsider gadgets?

Posted: 22 Sep 2020 08:50
by rithik123
Has anybody done any investigation into building/accumulating own firmware for instant outsider gadgets?

I comprehend its likely not very simple...

I own a huge amount of fibaro inwalls... The firmware is a 5 or 6 out of 10, best case scenario... They attempted to do an excessive number of things... I won't go into subtleties however there are various issues... A portion of the additionally irritating ones are it is extremely unlikely to turn of twofold press discovery... So in the event that you ON/OFF rapidly... Indeed, even suppose 500ms separated, it won't change the condition of the switch... Different issues like this that keep it from working an immaculate NORMAL divider switch...

I'll include that I have altogether attempted 3 distinctive inwalls... They all have comparative issues... Qubino is delayed to react even to a solitary snap, the aeotec ones don't have a legitimate 2 case announcing despite the fact that they have S1 and S2 (on single switch model), and so forth.

...I have different gadgets that are simply missing some essential valuable highlights... Temperature/mugginess sensors that solitary permit particular revealing @ 1.0c change and so on and so forth and so on...

In any case, how about we center around the Fibaro inwalls:

Does anybody think its at all conceivable to utilize the pieces SDK to fabricate/order own firmware for these gadgets?