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Is it at all possible to form custom firmware for existing pariah devices?

Posted: 01 Oct 2020 09:01
by krishoo7
I own a gigantic measure of fibaro inwalls... The firmware is a 5 or 6 out of 10, most ideal situation... They endeavoured to do such an enormous number of things... I won't go into nuances anyway there are various issues... A part of the also bothering ones is it is amazingly improbable to turn of twofold press revelation... So if you ON/OFF quickly... Surely, even assume 500ms isolated, it won't change the state of the switch... Various issues like this that shield it from working an ideal NORMAL divider switch...

I'll incorporate that I have by and large endeavoured 3 particular inwalls... They all have near issues... Qubino is deferred to respond even to a singular snap, the aeotec ones don't have an authentic 2 event uncovering regardless of the way that they have S1 and S2 (on the single switch model, etc.

...I have various contraptions that are just missing some basic significant features... Temperature/soddenness sensors that solitary grant explicit reporting @ 1.0c change etc, etc...

At any rate, lets revolve around the Fibaro inwalls: