Speech Assistent Device list is empty

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Speech Assistent Device list is empty

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My Controller is running with zway version V3.1.1 but I have a problem with the Alexa interface. The Alexa speech assistant device list is empty.
When I open the device list I see only my rooms but no devices. All rooms are empty. I use Alexa interface since the beginning (2018) but since a while when I led Alexa app on my tablet searching for new devices no new devices are found although I added new devices to my network.

It seems that one of the zway upgrades caused this issue because in the past new devices were found without problems.

Am I the only one that has this problem? I am really desperate because I use Alexa speech recognition heavily to switch my devices and the fact that new devices are no longer detected ja die Alexa App is a real restriction.

Any idea is welcome.
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