Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 ..again..

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Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 ..again..

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So I've already read many threads about FGR-223 EU v5.1 (which is the one I have) but not of them fits my problem.

I was able to secure include (using 5 digit pin from device back) this into my razberry. However, what I see and what I can do .. I don't understand. I am new to Zway, but I don't know if what I see is right or wrong. Please have a look at attached screenshot..

I also tried to get parameters, but they keep coming back empty (-).

The controls on 7.1 work sometimes, but just once..
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234710.png
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234710.png (57.58 KiB) Viewed 84 times
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234735.png
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234735.png (43.17 KiB) Viewed 84 times
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234817.png
Screenshot 2021-01-05 234817.png (100.44 KiB) Viewed 84 times
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Re: Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 ..again..

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You can let us check it via remote support. Please write on with your credentials (you can create a new temp user)
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