scenes ?

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scenes ?

Post by kikostyle »

hi !

I m french and i have buy a raspberry with a razberry ...
so i have also buy equipment with zwave technology and i pilot my light from the demo GUI ... it word fine...


how can i implement scene in this interface ? i understand that is a demo interface but is it possible to enlarge functionnality ?

What do you use to pilot your zwave equipment with this configuration (Raspberry + RaZberry) ,??

Sorry for my por english

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The RaZberry software do not

Post by PoltoS »

The RaZberry software do not have concept of scenes in it, but you can easily implement it in JavaScript. Our idea is to present a building block for your own solution

You can store a JS file that turns on/off your lighes (see documentation for more info, we will soon publish some examples). and activate this JS code from HTTP API.

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Automation & Scenes

Post by SpamNeinDanke »

Sad to hear that you will not inlcude such things. However you metioned some documentation to at least help develop some own automation and scene integration. Is this documentation already avaliable somwhere?


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