Sensor data not showing in iOS app

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Sensor data not showing in iOS app

Post by kasperco »

I've just bought and installed the Razberry board and an Everspring ST814.

Is all fine in the web UI, the sensor is included and temp/humidity are shown.

However, in the iOS-app, under sensors only a "-" is shown at both [devicename]#1 and [devicename]#2.

Any suggestions?


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Post by bririv »

I also have an ST814 and wish it worked in iOS as well. The Z-Way guys put the xCode project for the iOS app on Github and I've been considering looking into why this sensor does not display correctly, as well as the number formatting for my Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch meters as well.

The only solution might be to fix it ourselves in this case, as I have never received and update notification for the Z-Way app in App Store and it's probably low priority for the developers at this point.

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The Z-Way iOS app is in our

Post by PoltoS »

The Z-Way iOS app is in our one-two weeks priority list. Indeed we have changed the format of SensorMultilevel Command Class, since Sigma has changed this Command Class dramatically.

New Z-way for iOS will have some more improvements (and of course it will go to github too!)

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