Z-way Device Recognizion

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Z-way Device Recognizion

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Hello every one,

I'm using :

- Raspberry 512 model B Rev 2
- Razberry daughter card
- AEON LABS MICRO SMART DIMMER (Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer Module with Energy Metering Capabilities)

The Dimmer is for light swithching with multilevel,
when including, the Dimmer is recognized as multilevel sensor switch but,
it seems that it is configured for blinds with servo options.
and when trying to change device type, I have no choice, the selection list is empty.

Also in Iphone Zway app, I can see my dimmer under blinds and I have no "ON" / "OFF" Buttons.

As device type is a data acquired during incusion process,
is there a way that I can use to correct the "bad" recognition, which value must be changed, and which values must be filled instead ?

Thank you !

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