High cpu usage

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High cpu usage

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Hi folks,

I've been using the Razberry module with the z-way-server for a while now with 20 zwave devices.
I've noticed a high cpu usage of the z-way-server process, it never drops under 10 % without any action. When there is an interaction through the API the usage can go over 50% for few seconds. Also periodically the process goes over 50% then gets back to around 15%.
I am using the v1.4. Is this a normal behaviour? If this is the case, the is no much room left on the cpu to do other computation and automation...



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This should not happen. Have

Post by PoltoS »

This should not happen. Have you enabled some specific automation stuff? May be you can disable automation totally to check it. Also make sure the queue is not full of strange packets. Does the log show strange activity?

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