Z-way wont start after uppgrade... (Delete this)

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Z-way wont start after uppgrade... (Delete this)

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I reinstalled the Raspberry so now its working again :)

I tried to uppgrade to 1.4.1 but my disk was full. After that z-way crash. Now i have disk space but even if I reinstalla z-way it wont work. I have tried "sudo apt-get install libyajl2"

I can start the service but nothing happend...

get this error in z-wave-server.log: z-way-server: error while loading shared libraries: /opt/z-way-server/libs/libzway.so: file too short

Any idea what to do?

I tried to change some files in /libs/ directory

and now i get this error: failed to init ZWay: Error reading configuration and transation files (-21)
Z-Way version v1.4.1-rc1 from 2013-10-21 03:49:05 +0400 (build eeafaa52efb63177d7d96a3b68a614ab447662f1)
Using default configuration file config.xml
Starting Z-Way for device /dev/ttyAMA0...

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