Z-Cloud and z-way together

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Z-Cloud and z-way together

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I read somewhere in a post on the previous forum that using an Aeon USB stick with a razberry board you could run both z-way and z-cloud on the same network, allowing easy access from the internet via z-cloud. is this correct and can anyone explain how I set up so both run together? I have had both the z-way on the razberry board and z-cloud on the Aeon stick running previously, although the devices are now all included on the razberry board.

I can get it to run on z-cloud by stopping the z-way server and then running z-cloud on the razberry board but was just wondering what the method is to get both to run using the Aeon Labs usb stick? Do I set it up as a secondary controller?

Hope someone can help
Simon (t2tonesimone)

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