Cron module not working

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Cron module not working

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I have made an automation module which uses cron, i´m pulling all devices every hour. But Cron module does not seem to be loaded in latest version(1.5rc1). I tried and copied Cron module from an older install but it did not help.

[2014-02-26 18:07:47.265] --- Initializing device ZWayVDev_29:0:37
[2014-02-26 18:07:47.266] --- VDev init(ZWayVDev_29:0:37)
[2014-02-26 18:07:47.267] VirtualDevice ZWayVDev_29:0:37 binding to 1 datapoints
[2014-02-26 18:07:47.302] Instantiating module 2 from class Cron
[2014-02-26 18:07:47.537] result: Error: TypeError: undefined is not a function
at AutomationController.instantiateModule (<anonymous>:186:20)
at <anonymous>:219:18
at Array.forEach (native)
at AutomationController.instantiateModules (<anonymous>:218:24)
at AutomationController.start (<anonymous>:74:10)
at <anonymous>:124:16

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