I give up !

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Re: I give up !

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Pokerfjes wrote:I registered just so say the same - I so give up. Bought the razberry board today, played around with z-way for 3 hours now maybe. Devices are clearly picked up by the controller (z-way-server.log tells), but when adding devices, step2 inclusion just won't proceed. But Fibar group elements appear, providing accurate information as well as alowing me to turn my fibaro switch on and off. But don't let me get into troubleshooting - this is so counter-productive. This thing goes.

Oh he's a complete n00b you probably think. Well - had my automation fun with X10, and I'm a network engineer through 20 years who installed my first slackware (kernel 0.94pl14) a very long time ago. I've been at the very edge of IT since I got into it, and while I'm just the guy that probably could get used to Z-way and it's quirks - I just don't have the time and interest to be an alpha-tester anymore.

Maybe my reaction is premature, maybe I'll regret. But I'll nail my Razberry to the wall and go buy Vera or something. Maybe they did their homework. Maybe Z-way eventually can be used in a few years.

Good luck.
Yea interview is buggy, would you sell my your razberry?

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