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Re: ThermostatSetPoint temperature unit incorrect in scaleTi

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Zway424 wrote:I have a Honeywell thermostat and I was having same problem device reporting Fahrenheit values but showing units as Celsius after updating config.xml file for fahrenheit. I forced interview of the thermostat in the expert UI and now the device reads correct value and units in Fahrenheit. Hopefully this works for you, maybe not. It's worth trying though.
I too have a honey well. Be sure to reinterview the device after you change the defaults and restart the server.

Mine is working fine except in the iOS app, the set points are still in c.

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Re: ThermostatSetPoint temperature unit incorrect in scaleTi

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I just setup a thermostat CT100 on my network and have the same problem. changing value in default config brings the value in F on UI, but unit shown is still 'C'.

I am also looking for a solution to this problem, the unit value is manageable, but in case i want to change the temperature from the UI, the max value is capped at 40.

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Re: ThermostatSetPoint temperature unit incorrect in scaleTi

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I'm new to Z-Way (just setup my razberry this month). I'm using version 2.2.1
I have found some other posts which helped a bit, but I'm still having problems with getting the Fahrenheit scale to work correctly. I updated the /opt/z-way-server/config/Defaults.xml to use Fahrenheit (in both places, set it to 1) and I re-interviewed the Thermostat.

Now it seems like the correct scale is being used by the backend. This is the output from http://raspberrypi:8083/ZWaveAPI/Run/de ...[2]

Code: Select all

And I can correctly set/change the thermostat setpoint using:
http://raspberrypi:8083/ZWaveAPI/Run/de ... .Set(2,72)
And that works correctly.

But all of the user interfaces (web interface, expert mode, Home Control iPhone app) the units still show Celsius, and the slider only goes 0 to 40. So I haven't been able to control my Thermostat except for using the API command.

Is there something I'm missing?

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