Password for Home Automation UI

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Password for Home Automation UI

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I'm new to this forum so bear with me. I searched for topics related to password protection and found a couple of posts related to ginx as a proxy and authentication server. I've installed ginx but still have an open system if I go directly to port 8083 or 8084. I want to protect my Razberry installation with a login and password screen. Right now, if I go directly to "http://razberry-pi:8083" or "http://razberry-pi:8084" I'm not required to authenticate. Ginx is only making me login if I use port 80. How do you make the UIs at port 8083 and 8084 require authentication? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Password for Home Automation UI

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Presently the developers are working on authentication as a built-in facility. IIRC is is not yet finished, but some can be seen in the latest release candidates

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Re: Password for Home Automation UI

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As I understand it use of nginx as a reverse proxy is for security when coming in over the internet (or some other network separate to home) - works for me only it was a bit fiddly. Might be possible to secure within a network, but I don't know how to do that. Good to know the solution for Razberry is progressing - need to be careful that RCs are works in progress - so expect problems.

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