Confused about LogicalRule

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Re: Confused about LogicalRule

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jet11x wrote: then a timed scene to turn it off later.
May I assume that you meant Delayed Action (or Delayed Scene as it was called before)?

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Re: Confused about LogicalRule

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Does someone think that would be more useful and powerful if we can add a rule app that can be created using blockly?

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Re: Confused about LogicalRule

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We believe blockly (also known as Scratch after the "baby fox" programming IDE for children) is a cool tool, but pretty complex for simple users.

We try to let people use simple apps instead to accomplish simple tasks. That's why we are focused on making many simple apps. We believe that real programming is way more comfortable on JS than on blockly. At least Fibaro and Zipato examples shows that without a training using these visual programming tools is pretty hard for a normal user.

Still, it is possible to do if many people will vote for this.

Logical rules is a small "Swiss Knife" we use not to write JS. But it is not recommended for users. Most tasks can be solved without it.

A good idea would be to accumulate users wishes about different apps to do, so we can fill "void space".

Also next release will contain App Store, so you will be able to benifit from modules made by other users.

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