Razberry->HomeKit: HowTo get Device Support?

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Razberry->HomeKit: HowTo get Device Support?

Post by vga »

the z-way server on my raspberry PI with Razberry works very good.

Some connected devices are:
Danfoss Living Connect - DAN_LC-13
Fibaro WallPlug - FIB_FGWPE-101
Fibaro Switch - FIB_FGD-211
Fibaro Roller Shutter - FIB_FGRM-222
Fibaro Multi Sensor - FIB_FGMS-001
Fibaro float Sensor - FIB_FGFS-101
Fakro Windows Motor - FAK_ZWS230

Nearly all of them are working in z-way server.

But if I add HomeKitGate module to z-way server and want to pair the razberry with an iPhone, everytime paring fails.
I´ve started to exclude accessory by accessory.
In previous versions of z-way-server with HomeKitGate I only had to remove the Fakro Motor, and paring works.
From time to time I had to remove even more accessories for successful paring with the iPhone HomeKit, till I only had 2 accessories in my z-way server: Fibaro Roller Shutter and Fibaro WallPlug.

Now, with z-way server 2.1.2-rc5, even this small setup, with those two Fibaro actors, doesn't pair with the HomeKit any more.

So my question: What's going on with accessories,HomeKitGate and HomeKit?
Seems like there are some problems with characteristics from the accessories, so that HomeKit couldn´t pair with razberry.

Is there a way to find out which characteristics causes problems and is it possible to modify those characteristics to make them working?

Razberry z-way server works very well, but HomeKitGate makes it almost useless for me.

Hope someone have some information about that.

thanks and best regards,
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Re: Razberry->HomeKit: HowTo get Device Support?

Post by Plainsane »

2.1.2 rc5 is an internal build. I'm sure they appreciate the information but I would not expect them to support/fix this issue via the forms until an official release comes out.

See if anything shows up in the logs so they have some idea of what is happening internally.
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Re: Razberry->HomeKit: HowTo get Device Support?

Post by victoryred »

My z-wave system is very stable. Very happy. I want to implement HomeKit. Should I wait for an update or try it and send log data if I run into problems?
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Re: Razberry->HomeKit: HowTo get Device Support?

Post by vga »

sure, only for your information (also the developers):
Downgrading to rc2 will pair successfully iPhone App and HomeKitGate.
So im looking forward for the fix in some next releases. ;)
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