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Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 29 Jul 2016 17:12
by alexmsc
past wrote:My Node-RED flow:

Feel free to ask for any additional info.

I will make a tutorial later.

Could you pls show your MQTT Plugin configuration from Z-Wave Smart Home?

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 06 Aug 2016 21:20
by past

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 11 Aug 2016 21:47
by alexmsc
past wrote:Here is my mqtt settings ... sp=sharing

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 12 Aug 2016 17:24
by past
Do you get this working?

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 24 Nov 2016 16:29
by lademeister
Just a brief feedback to my questions as quoted- MQTT ist working great and very fast compared to http. Its running absolutely reliable. I am using the "mosquitto" mqtt broker as intallation on my raspberry, i did not use the mqtt-zway-module. Since first setting it up it never stopped working reliable, not even once.
After some reading it's easy to set up - especially in combination with ESP8266 as wifi remote switch, wifi temp/hum sensor or as wifi RGB LED controller it works great.
So I dropped the idea of a http based communication between zway and any remote devices that I built completely and i am only using MQTT now.
I've got working door bell recognation, garage door opener, temp and hum sensors and RGB LED stripe control.

lademeister wrote:has anyone already done something like an ESP-8266 with mqtt and DHT-22 temperature/humidity sensor and using mqtt?
I am just starting that project but right now i only managed to do it with http code device (to be exact I am testing and right now I have a ESP8266 with an relay and I am able to switch it as binary switch in z-way and my iphone app, including feedback about switch status).
I will add DHT22 temp/hum sensor soon.
But I'd like to do it with MQTT protocol.
I have the mqtt broker running on raspberry (its name is mosquitto) and I am pretty sure that I can do the software for ESP8266 wifi chip so that is uses mqtt,

...but how the heck do I import received messages into z-way?
my workaround idea is to write a shell skript that writes mqtt logfile to a ramdrive, another skript which I call from z-way via a code device will search that file for e.g. temperature readings and extract that string and give it back to that "sensor multilevel"-code device as value.
this will work but means a lot of fiddling around with parameters in shell skripts.

I've found this:
but i don't wand to switch z-wave-devices via mqtt protocol, but i want to get sensor values INTO z-way-server "virtual temp sensor" cenerated by code device app using mqtt...

So is there anyone who has a deeper understanding of how to create a virtual sensor which can be filled with values via z-way-API?

I've read a lot but still don't get it how to do this.

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 24 Nov 2016 17:14
by pz1
lademeister wrote: I am using the "mosquitto" mqtt broker as intallation on my raspberry, i did not use the mqtt-zway-module.
How is the communication between your "mosquitto" mqtt broker and Zway? Do you have a module for Zway?

Beginning of this year I did some Experiments with TheThingsNetwork and Node-Red. (Since they implemented a compulsory EndToEnd encryption, I had to postpone my experiments)

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 02 May 2018 12:41
by cpramhofer
is there anybody out there working with MQTT?

i just tried do get the MQTT Module from the APP-Store working but i do not get any MQTT messages.
i tried with my local Mosquitto instance and with

z-way version 2.3.7 is running.

any idea how i can figure out where the problem is?

Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 06 May 2018 13:41
by WoFe67
Hi cpramhofer,

yes, I also tried to use the MQTT app, but without success like you. The problem is, that the z-way server log is messed up with reconnect messages to Mosquitto. Please see my comment I posted in the app store for this app.
However I don't know if it's a problem with the MQTT app or the Mosquitto receiving the message (could be a problem with authentication?!). However I didn't have time to find out what really causes the problem.



Re: Z-Way to MQTT

Posted: 03 Jul 2019 10:53
by ridewithstyle
Hi there,

I ran into the same problem, it was caused by more than one instance of the zway-mqtt module and non-unique ClientIDs. Once you add a second instance and keep the ClientID (which easily happens when you "duplicate" the running instance) mosquitto gets bombed with disconnect and reconnect messages. Change the ClientIDs and everything starts working without disconnect.

Best Regards,