v2.2.2 is out

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Re: v2.2.2 is out

Post by marco »

Does anybody know what is

"z-way-server-RaspberryPiXTools-v2.2.2-10-g6af6479.tgz" ?

Something to solve some issues?

Which ones?
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Re: v2.2.2 is out

Post by pz1 »

It is an intermediate release targeted at a small group of users. Not recommended for use by others!
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Re: v2.2.2 is out

Post by bjoern812 »

equathza wrote:
bjoern812 wrote:Hello,

Nevertheless, the Zipato RGBW blub makes still problems and doesn't include, but that's an other story and
has nothing to do with the software.

Thank you for your time.
I own one of these Zipato RGBW bulbs, the manual claims a gently tap (upwards) will turn the light on green to be ready for inclusion. I've found it needs a firm slam which can be problematic in some stationary mounts
Perhaps you're being to gentle? ;)
Hi equathza,
Sorry for my very late reply :( I'm too busy.

I would like to say that me Zipato RGBW bulbs start working. I've tried several times to include it.
I think your are right, because I touched it to gentle. After tapping it stronger, it includes to my network.
So, thank you very much for your post !

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