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z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 08 Jun 2016 13:46
by kandalf

i have a new installation from sd image. Upgrade to version 2.2.1.
Now i have the problem the z-way server stopps running after a few hours.
The last entry from the log file are normal:
2016-06-08 08:00:50.537] [core] [ConditionSwitch-42] Calculating switch condition
[2016-06-08 08:00:50.544] [core] Notification: device-info (device-status): {"dev":"Solar altitude","l":"21.8 °"}
[2016-06-08 08:00:50.720] [core] Notification: device-info (device-status): {"dev":"Solar azimuth","l":"80.2 °"}
[2016-06-08 08:00:51.069] [core] [BaseModule-36] Set lastLevel to 21.81317497695942 for Astronomy_41_altitude (was 21.658466139998698)
[2016-06-08 08:00:51.140] [core] [BaseModule-36] Set lastLevel to 80.1880406008483 for Astronomy_41_azimuth (was 80.004337050274)

When i look at the process list there ist no running z-way-server :-(

/etc/init.d/z-way-server start starts the server but after some time he finished :-(

Anybody an idea?

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 13 Jun 2016 09:50
by kandalf
Hello together,

nobody any idea?
The problem is really crazy because when the z-way-server is not running i have no action from z-wave to my devices!
In the last 4 days i have this problem two times! Please help.

I use Debian Jessie with z-way 2.2.1.

I don't hink, that it is a problem from the astronimie modul but in the log files i can't see any hint why the server is crashing or stopping his work.

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 19 Jun 2016 13:17
by kandalf
So, yesterday i install a fresh sd card with the z-wave image.
Update version to 2.2.2 and recover the configuration.
All that changes ntohing to my problem. After some hours the z-way-server doens't run. If i look at the process list there is no z-way-server.
When i start it with z-way-server start he ist running for some hours.

What can i do? Is there is solution to restart the z-way-server automatically when he is stopping?
I need help because when the server is offline the complete z-wave functions are inactive :-(

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 20 Jun 2016 13:21
by kandalf
I have antoher information.
I can see with htop that "z-way-server" and "/etc/init.d/readKey start" use 100% CPU time.

I think this is not normal!?

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 21 Jun 2016 09:18
by Hazard
I've experienced this as well, but not as frequent as you have. It is more about 1x a month. I've noticed that the zway server stopped working after the router was shutdown / wireless connectivity has dropped. I've experienced this at least two times. Can you confirm that you can traceback your issue to connectivity matters?

After I restarted the PI everything works as expected.

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 21 Jun 2016 09:23
by kandalf

my PI use not WLAN but ethernet direct at the router. In our house i have three Router, one main and 2 accesspoints.
On one accesspoint the pi is connect directly. WLAN swichted off in the night but the server is crashing on other times.
I have generate a script and cronjob which check the z-way-server and restart it when stopped.
Here are the logs how often the z-way-server was restarted:
[2016-06-20 13:30] z-way-server wurde neu gestartet
[2016-06-20 19:30] z-way-server wurde neu gestartet
[2016-06-21 06:35] z-way-server wurde neu gestartet

I don't know if it has someting to do with the router? But i test it on two places with connection to different routers and i have the same problem.

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 28 Jun 2016 08:41
by kandalf
So, last information.
I start with a complete new installation. SD Card with razberry image, update system and install version 2.2.2.
Than i reset and include all my devices. After this fresh installation all is running fine, no problems with the rules and noch crash from the z-way-server. So i don't know where is the difference between the installation before and now and i think its not easy to find it out. Hardware is the same as before.

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 31 Jul 2016 01:29
by PoltoS
If you experience Z-Way crashes again, please collect logs and as much as you can (may be backtrace in gdb) and send us. This will help us to locate the bug.

We have fixed recently one problem that can lead to a crash, but from your description it is different from the one you experience.

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 01 Mar 2017 22:10
by fundy
Hi there I'm on 2.3.0 zway on RPI 3/razberry and the zway server constantly crashes in 1-2 max days. I don't see anything interesring or extraordinary in logs. RPI still works after zway crash and can be logged in via ssh. Do you have any ideas how to troubleshoot the problem. Where to start... It's so annoying that the platform is not really usable for any daily automation. And I don't think it's appropriate to check by cron periodically if zway server happend to crash and relaunch it if necessary. Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Re: z-Way Server stops working

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 00:13
by AlphaX2
Did it happen on a specific time? You may have seen my post, were it happens around 3 AM in the morning. But I'm using RaspberryPi 2 B+ version with RaZBerry V1 and Z-Way 2.3.0.