Loosing information after reboot

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Loosing information after reboot

Post by noctoz »

For some reason I loose information for some of my devices after reboot.
One of the Qubino Flush 2 relays looses most information and only have the On/Off ALL and total meters left.
My other Qubino Flush 2 looses the name I set for it and all information about capabilities.
Both of those are failing their interview because of the Version field.

I also loose both of my Fibaro 222 relays after reboot. They can easily be recovered by requesting NIF but it is still very annoying.

Am I the only one seeing this?

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Re: Loosing information after reboot

Post by kandalf »


since yesterday i have a big problem with my device. I configure a usb wlan stick and change the network from lan to wlan.
After rebooting the raspberry i have several problems with my devices.
I have 6 devices, 2 fibaro relais, 2 fibaro shutter, fibaro multi sensor und one remote control.

So after reboot one relais doesn't work and one shutter! I change from wlan to LAN but problem still exists.

Plese HELP! I have test something like CALL NIF, force interview but nothing helps.
I see the devices, routing table, timing info ist ok. But the two devices don't react on the events!
Raspberry PI with Z-Wave.me Board
2 x Fibaro Double Relay-Switch FGS 222
2 x Fibaro Shutter FGR 222
Fibaro Multi Sensor
Z-Wave.me RemoteControl

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Re: Loosing information after reboot

Post by PoltoS »

Z-Way sends information about devices only once interview is completed. Looks like your devices do follow interview process. You can also gracefully shut down Z-Way to let it save data or use API call zway.device.SaveXML() to save data explicitelly.

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