Fibaro Door/Window Sensor FGK-10x

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Fibaro Door/Window Sensor FGK-10x

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I have a Problem with the Fiabro Door/Window Sensor:

I included it in ZWay and it appears as a set of different devices like Alarm, temperatures, etc.
The Problem is, that ZWay only classifies the temperature sensor (I installed a DS18B20 to the sensor to report the temperature) and 2 "General Purpose Alarm" (which only reflects the Tamper Sensor and not the reed contact of the sensor) as sensors. See attachment.

The status of the Window (reed sensor) is reported in a different device (in my case with ID ZWayVDev_zway_13-0-113-6-Door-A), which is not shown in Sensors overview.

So my question: How do I get the Window Sensor as a primary sensor in my sensors overview? I want to see both, the temperature and the status of the window there.

Thanks in advance for your support!
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