Raised notification not caught by Pushbullet

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Raised notification not caught by Pushbullet

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I have an app where I want to raise a notification so that it can be caught by Pushbullet. The app is of type ToggleButton, and I have tested all event types (warning, error, notification), but they are not caught. My app emits events like:

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  self.controller.addNotification("error", "Device is not OK.", "module", "PingDevice");
  self.controller.addNotification("warning", "Device is OK.", "module", "PingDevice");
I guess I'm raisning the events badly? I can see in raz log that the code is executed, and I can see it in Events tab in the UI. I know Pushbullet is working since I have also configured a switch whose ON/OFF events actually are caught by the app and sent to my phone.

Any ideas?

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