Motion Sensor Z-Way

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Motion Sensor Z-Way

Post by aleranzer »

Hi everyone,

I am new to the Razberry / Z-Way platform and have one problem I currently can't solve.

I want my z-way-controlled light switch to automatically switch off after 60 seconds but to stay on while a motion detector still detects motion in the room.

I used the "automated switch off" app to do the 60 second counter, and the fibaro motion sensor resets that counter once it detects motion.

The problem is that the timer does not get reset if there is continuuous movement in the room (the motion sensor stays "on" for the entire time), which means that the switch turns off even though there is still somebody in the room.

Can anyone help me how to solve this?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Motion Sensor Z-Way

Post by AlphaX2 »

Maybe you can try the "Association app" to broatcast one objects state to another -> Motion Sensor to Light. But in this case it's switching off in the moment the MS is not "on", without any delay besides the one you set in the MS parameters.

EDIT: fast try with my Aeon MS was working.
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