RazBerry board causes system crashes

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RazBerry board causes system crashes

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My RaZbeery Pi is driving me mad, I have system crashes repeating every few days. I did a clean install of the whole system 4 times because I was even not able to recover from backup images.

What happens:
The system runs nice for a given time and then starts to do unnormal things.. While I am doing some configuration stuff for example, it gets stuck and does not answer any more.
The reboot then throws many error messages. I attached the log, most time the issue has to do with the udev Kernel Device Manager
I exchanged nearly everything in regards of hardware:
The power supply unit, the power cable, the SD card and also the complete Raspi 3. (Not yet the daughter board itself)

Hope anyone could help....
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Re: RazBerry board causes system crashes

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This is far beyond Z-Way coverage. Why do you think that RaZberry board is causing this? Sure you have installed it correctly on the Pi?
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