z-way-server shuts down in the middle of the night

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Re: z-way-server shuts down in the middle of the night

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Hi again,

I solved the riddle. :) And the problematic part is/was Z-Ways Cloud-Backup application. Thinking about what apps are using cron, the scales fell of my eyes: I could remember that I activated the CloudBackup app in one of the 2.3.0 RCs and I think I set it to 3am (maybe not the best idea: RC version and beta-state app.)

Checking back in the app it shows me just the name field. This seems not to be intended, because the apps module.json looks like it should show a lot more options. This is what I get:



So I kicked out the CloudBackup app and today in the morning everything was just fine.

For the record: the most easy way checking what apps are using cron, seems to check out the instances API call:

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