Ikea tradfri

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Ikea tradfri

Post by Spirit78 »

Is there anyone who is developing a software-bridge to ikea:s tradfri gateway? That would be very interresting. Ikea tradfri lightbulbs and their other led:s are really cheap and Ikea seem to bet pretty hard to get big on the market. They are using Zigbee and are kompatible with Philips Hue. They do have some sort of open api on their gateway i think.

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Re: Ikea tradfri

Post by p_rhodan »

I’m interested,too!

Meanwhile someone has developed an IKEA TRÅDFRI Integration for Z-way?


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Re: Ikea tradfri

Post by IgoriokLT »

Technically, if those bulbs are compatible with Philips Hue, then it is possible to use Philips Hue Hub, as it is supported in Z-Way.

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