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Help with associations needed

Posted: 12 May 2018 14:13
by Ulfis

I'm new here (and to z-wave), however not new to programming which I've done professionally for some 30+ years.

I've a set up consisting of:
- Razberry
- Telldus wall plug
- Qubino flush dimmer (ZMNHDD1 H1S3P5)
- NodOnwall switch (CWS-3-1-00) 4 switches (2 pairs)

The inclusion process was terrible. :o All sorts of problems with time outs, incomplete interviews and other error messages. It took me hours to get them all included. After inclusion I can control the Qubino dimmer and the wall plug perfectly well from the elements view in the z-way UI.

I've managed to make an association in Expert UI where I can turn on the wall plug on or off using one pair of switches.
I've also managed to associate the other switch pair with the Qubino dimmer but it can only control it on/off. No dimming.

1) Is there a way to make an association in the normal UI (not Expert) to control a wall plug on/off using a wall switch pair?
2) How do I make the Qubino to dim using the other switch pair? (Dimming it from the UI works fine.)
3) Why is there a red triangle with an exclamation mark for Lifeline in the expert/configuration/association view? Is there an error?

Happy for any help I can get.


Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 18 May 2018 18:41
by Ulfis
Does this mean no one knows how to control a dimmer using z-way?

Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 25 May 2018 15:51
by Ulfis
2 weeks, 90+ views, no fucking reply. The support for this product sucks big time.

Yes, I use bad words to call the attention of the moderators. Sorry... :roll:

Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 11 Aug 2018 09:54
by PoltoS
You can send dimming commands to exact value from Z-Way using sciences. Science can be executed from your second switches.

You can also check If-Then module

If you want to send dimming commands from switches directly, you need to associate corresponding group with the device to dim. Please read Qubino manual to check how to do it.

Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:53
by Ulfis
Finally a reply. Thank you!

I'm not trying to send dimming commands directly from the switch. It's fine to go over the razberry.

Sciences? Second switches? Not sure what you mean but I'll try it. Remember, I'm a newbie to z-wave.

Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 26 Aug 2018 16:20
by wavedoff
PoltoS meant "scenes". I guess his autocorrect misfired. Scenes are the primary way you control stuff with Z-wave.

This documentation will help you out a lot.

It is tempting to try and directly control devices with IF->Then rules, but it is always better to have your IF->Then rules activate scenes instead.

When I first began using Z-wave I avoided using scenes and discovered that my rules would cause high processor usage, and eventually crash the z-wave controller. These issues went away when I started using scenes instead.

I've got a scene that turns all my exterior lights on, and one that turns them off. I've got 3 scenes for the lights in each room of my house. On, off, and dimmed. I've also got scenes that activate other scenes. So I can push a button, and turn on all the lights in my house in one go.

Associations directly link one z-wave device to another. Associations aren't very smart though, but have the benefit of not involving the z-wave controller. My exterior lights are on 3 different switches. All 3 switches are associated with one another, so a single click of the switch controls the light the switch is directly connected to, but a double click will allow me to control all the exterior lights at once. Different devices support association groups in different manners, so you have to check their documentation.

Re: Help with associations needed

Posted: 27 Aug 2018 16:00
by Ulfis

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps association is the wrong word here because I have no intention to let the switch control the dimmer directly. I want to control it through the controller.

I'll read up and get back.