Razberry vs Razberry2 board

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Razberry vs Razberry2 board

Post by cdogg76 » 09 Jul 2018 00:01


I have been using an original Razberry for about 3 years. Recently, I decided to relocate the device to a more central location in my home and I also soldered on a simple wire antenna. That antenna made a big difference and I was getting much better times listed in the Timing Info page (much more green and single digits) and the performance of my network seemed a bit snappier. (I have 46 devices and I actually have a script that polls my switches, as they do not support the instant status updates upon manual change.)

I actually purchased a Razberry2 board prior to relocating the Razberry and adding the antenna. (I was afraid I'd fry the board, so I wasn't comfortable soldering the antenna on until had a backup board in the house.) Now, however, I'm not sure that there is any advantage of the Razberry2 over my Razberry+antenna. The Razberry+antenna seems to have better timings than the stock Razberry2.

I'm hesitant to add the antenna to the Razberry2 for comparison as that, unfortunately, requires me to eliminate the on-board antenna, which is a permanent change and therefore would make return or resale of the Razberry2 more difficult.

So, my question is--is there any advantage of the Razberry2 over the Razbery+antenna? Is it possible that if I add an external antenna to the Razberry2, that it would perform even better than the Razberry+antenna?


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