HowTo Hardware Upgrade (RaZberry to RaZberry2)

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HowTo Hardware Upgrade (RaZberry to RaZberry2)

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Can anyone provide me a detailed Guide how i have to reset the current Controller and include the new one without reincluding all the devices.

I know there is a Feature called „Controller change“ but how does this work when i run razberry on the same RasPi Wehre i have to Change the Hardware (and therefore have to reboot)

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Re: HowTo Hardware Upgrade (RaZberry to RaZberry2)

Post by micky1500 »

I think "Controller change" is for changing a 'secondary controller' to a 'Primary controller' not for one that is already a 'Primary'

I would start off making both the backups.
1. Smarthome - Management - Backup & Restore
2. Expert - Network - Control - Create Backup

Shutdown cleanly. via telnet/ssh
sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server stop
sudo shutdown now
power off old Raspberry.
Move Z-wave hardware to new.
Move SD card to new.

That might work

But if you are upgrading to a newer Jessie or Stretch OS
And if you are also upgrading z-way to newer 2.3.8
Probably easiest to build new from the Rasberry OS you have chosen

then install z-way
wget -q -O - | sudo bash

restore from 'Backup & Restore' page
using the .Zab file
Raspi 4(Buster), Zwave Version 3.0.6 x It's not my fault... I am not z-way team, just a user of a great system.

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