RPI4 FLIRC Case + 2.0Ghz OC results.

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RPI4 FLIRC Case + 2.0Ghz OC results.

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Just OC'd my RPI4 (4GB) to 2Ghz and though I'd share for anyone interested. Ambient temps are 24c.

Stock thermals (No Case): Idle=62c Load=82c And throttled to 1Ghz

Stock w/ FLIRC: Idle=39c Load=64c Max

2Ghz OC w/FLIRC: Idle=49c Load=79c (Did not throttle)

OC Settings: over_voltage=4 arm_freq=2000

And the command used to test the OC/temps:

while true; do vcgencmd measure_clock arm; vcgencmd measure_temp; sleep 10; done& stress -c 4 -t 900s
If anyone wants me to run a different test, let me know.

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