Changes lost after system restart

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Changes lost after system restart

Post by KanG »

Whatever changes I do in web gui: adding tag, removing application..., I lost it after system restart.
Like /opt/ catalogue is getting restored with previous file versions and no update is done in /automation/storage catalogue.
Is there any mechanism which is automatically restoring some configuration at startup?
I'm really tired because I need to reconfigure my homekit items every restart...

Please help

I can't make a factory reset from Smart Home web gui as it gives an error.
I can restore from file, but it recreates old config. All changes I make since some time are just temporary and they get lost after system restart.

I do get such error when try to stop and then start z-way-server from systemctl. After that I need to reboot to make it running again:

Code: Select all

[2019-11-19 01:27:52.228] [I] [core] Executing script: exit()
[2019-11-19 01:27:52.351] [D] [zway] Worker thread exit point
[2019-11-19 01:27:52.352] [D] [zway] Worker thread successfully finished
[2019-11-19 01:27:52.352] [I] [zway] Saving configuration data to config/zddx/f48916bd-DevicesData.xml
[2019-11-19 01:28:36.525] [I] [core] Executing script: /*** Z-Way Home Automation Engine main executable ***************************** ...
[2019-11-19 01:28:36.531] [I] [core] Executing script: // Comon utilities and functions ...
[2019-11-19 01:28:36.540] [I] [core] Executing script: // This script transforms old formats to new ...
[2019-11-19 01:28:36.559] [E] [core] result: Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
    at automation/updateBackendConfig.js:8:24
    at automation/updateBackendConfig.js:651:3
    at automation/main.js:23:1
[2019-11-19 01:28:36.562] [E] [core] result: Error: Error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
    at Error (native)
    at automation/main.js:23:1

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Re: Changes lost after system restart

Post by PoltoS »

Can we get your config before you reboot? Looks the file is treated as corrupted and the system restores the default (otherwise it never boots).

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