Can not start Z-Wave binding: Error: Bad data – communication failed

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Can not start Z-Wave binding: Error: Bad data – communication failed

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Hi All,

First message...Hello and....I'm stuck! Controller doesn't seem to be 'seen' by ZWay. Typical :roll:

I've had a third version (with reset button on) for about two years and only just had the chance to set it up. I've installed it on a RPi3b that also has motionEye running. So, installed Z-Way 3.0.6 using wget -q -O - | sudo bash on an updated vanilla install of Buster and obviously installed daughter board on the Pi in the correct place.

On startup the LED's shine up for 1-2 seconds before going off again. They're not on at all now, not even faintly but will come on again if I shutdown, turn power off and start up again. In the log file at /var/log/z-way-server.log I see exactly what is described here ( at the top of the page. I have looked in /boot/cmdline.txt but there is only one line and it doesn't relate to dev/tty0 and the other file mentioned (which I'm not sure about) i.e. /etc/inittab; well that doesn't seem to exist.

If I look in the expert UI and go to Network -> Controller Info.....there's nothing.

So...any help appreciated as I'm lost here.

*** UPDATE ***
Found another post where someone, exhibiting same behaviour, was asked to remove board and bridge RX/TX and read logs again. Well, did that and comms between RX and TX could be seen in log. So...I'm guessing my, never used, board is bust. Where's the 'cry' emoji.

I also had an 'older' board (has the 5 chip) but it's second gen I think. Plugged that in and it works fine. Sad though as £50 is £50 and I really liked the idea of the button on it.

Still, if anyone knows what 'may' fix my board I'd love to hear it.

Thankyou kindly,

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