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All switches fails to report status

Posted: 20 Sep 2020 01:13
by Helleman
For the last months all my switches fails to report back their status correctly almost every time. Before, only my Qubino flush and mini dimmers failed to report their status, but now all fail.
They don't seem to fail when I switch them on or off with the buttons in the graphical interface, but when a scene or schedule is activated it fails all the time more or less, and also if l turn on or off a switch on the physical “real life” switch, it also fails to report status nowadays.
Really disturbing when the system believes a switch is turned on, even if it is not, and a scene shall turn it on and won’t send the on command because it believes it is already turned on...

This has worked very well in the past, except for my Qubino flush switches of course...

Re: All switches fails to report status

Posted: 13 Oct 2020 15:37
by Helleman
This is still a problem for me, even after updating to v3.1.1. Actually, I think the problem started when I started updating my Razberry with new firmware. I know have the most recent. Though I don´t remember the version number and I cannot check it since my raspberry is in a password loop...

Re: All switches fails to report status

Posted: 17 Oct 2020 21:19
by virgahyatt
I'm having a similar problem. I have several switches and a couple of locks. I can control everything just fine, but no status update in the UI. If I examine the logs I can see that a notification of some kind was received at the same time as the change but that's it.

Re: All switches fails to report status

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 12:13
by PoltoS
With Qubino you need to take care which type of association is made: simple (#1) or multichannel (#1.0) in LifeLine group. Please try both variant; Should work.