z-way wifi acces point password

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z-way wifi acces point password

Post by kusta »

I upgraded my cit to zway.After playing for some time i have a few questions:

-I dont know z-ways wifi access point password (for moving around and measuring background noise)
-in expert ui (controller info) there is no sdk info
-I´m using Zipabox (Zipato) as a primary controller and then include z-way in existing z-wave network
When I do a network configuration with Z-way, will new configuration remain in Zipabox (manual routes also)

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Re: z-way wifi acces point password

Post by PoltoS »

1) check /etc/hostap.conf.
Better search for wifi name in /etc to find the correct file:
sudo grep -r RPi-XXXX /etc
2) update to v3.1.1 - Z-Way is older than the Z-Wave chip firmware. This is not critical
3) routes are stored in devices. Devices in 6.5x or lower are not storing manual routes for long. 6.7x and upper do store manual routes forever
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