Getting started with Code Device(s)

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Getting started with Code Device(s)

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I am wondering how I would get started with Code Devices. My goal is to get custom devices that is not linked to actual z-wave hardware devices and I have a lot of sensors that would need to get updated. The reason I want to find a way to fit them into Z-way is that I have begun to collect all Z-wave devices and 433Mhz devices into Z-way running RaZberry on a Raspberry Pi :D

I have been looking around the forums but unfortuneatly i have no find a consistent documentation that is not on a very highly technical javascript level. I do understand that i will need javascript but thats is not the point im just trying to understand how to get started.

Looking around and finding resources that will get me started with Cod Devices and from what I have gathered are these: Okay so far a lot to understand and my specific questions is that:
  • Is it only the methods that are stated in various documents that are allowed? Can I alter a Code Device in a arbitary way such as metrics, types and how to update them? As I understand its both the JS and vDev/ZAutomation API that can do this? Is there a how-to I have missed somewere?
  • As I understood from reading the forum, sensors are read-only, correct? Is there a way to get a custom code device to set the metrics, type and level to get a custom sensor with arbitary data to be updated? If so, am I in the correct path for doing this with vDev and the JS API?
Tips, links and forum threads that can better explain how I do alter these Code Devices alternative build them scratch(perhaps the harder way) will much appriciated.

Thanks to any readers and quite a junior on JS development and thanks for your patiance :)
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