Unable to pair Thermoflor Heatit Z-TRM3

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Unable to pair Thermoflor Heatit Z-TRM3

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Some time ago I bought RaZberry board for my PI 4. It works great, except I have a problem I would like some help with.

I have a couple Thermoflor Heatit Z-TRM3 which were paired with the controller. Due to SD card failure in the PI I had to perform RaZberry board factory reset without excluding Z-TRM3 first.

Now I have also factory reset all Z-TRM3 devices and I am unable to include them again. After 30-40 sec. Z-TRM3 screen shows "Err" and it fails to pair. Also trying to Exclude them doesn't work either.

Would you know what is the best way to troubleshoot and fix this issue?

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