EEPROM offset for manual backup

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EEPROM offset for manual backup

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I'm using custom software for managing my Z-Wave devices. This software is managing backup using direct EEPROM reads and writes. Initially, it was written with ZW0201 in mind. The developer has decided to store EEPROM data starting from 0x1400 to 0x3FFF.
When I use this feature with the dedicated sigma chip, I'm able to completely reset the device and restore the home id and all nodes intact
The same software does not work with the RazBerry chip, presumably because of a different offset?
Does anyone know where (what memory offset and a number of bytes) RazBerry keeps home id and whole network topology?
Is it possible to apply a binary dump from an old chip to a new one and expect it to work, or I have to decode the dump and create a new one?
Thank you
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Re: EEPROM offset for manual backup

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RaZberry uses some other addresses. Z-Way handles this. But not sure if you can port from other systems - you are better to manually create a backup and restore it on Z-Way
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