Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by dromer1967 »

The configuration file in the start post doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Is there a way to configure the minimote?

I'm using the Razberry.

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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by PoltoS »

just use commands in the previous reply
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by dromer1967 »

I have entered


in my browser

And in Queue Inspection I can see that the command is delivered to the Mini Mote (after waking it up).

But when I click a button on the mini mote nothing happens in the Inspection Queue.

Am I forgetting something? Not very experience with the razberry :(
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by PoltoS »

in inspect queue there should be nothing on button press. On first button press you should see in log SceneActiavetion (2b) command received. On other buttons still Basic Set.

If works, you will need to do it for other buttons.

But also make sure your device support AssociationCommandConfiguration. May be it is not!
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by dromer1967 »

Okay, thanks. I managed to configure the Minimote to send sceneactivation commands for the four buttons (including long press).

Now trying to find out how to use the zway API to detect that a scene has been activated :)
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Summary of 'how to deal' with aeon labs minimote from z-wave

Post by klirichek »

Now firmware 1.19 is available!
Get it at ... mware.html and update your minimote.

I've found that minimote with this firmware passes interview successfully.
However the page itself lacks any config, so you need to do all the staff yourself.

There were a file in the start of this topic with config, but now it is gone!
However you can use the engineering spec ( ... 20Spec.pdf)
and the example config from another ha engine as the guide: ... nimote.xml

The main principle: each minimote button can work in different modes. The 'normal' (default) mode is described in the manual, nothing interesting for us ;).
Also there are modes for 'include', 'remove', 'associate' and 'learn'. They are by default already assigned to the low 4 buttons (and you can just note that you can reassign these actions/modes to other buttons. For me sounds not so useful, expecially taking in mind thad default buttons for these actions are marked, and so, works well enough).
Most interest mode is 'scene'. This mode can't be assigned to lowest 2 buttons (so, you have only 6 buttons totally). But for each of these 6 there are 2 scenes available - 'short' press (tap) and 'long' press (hold about a second, untill it became blinking, then release).

You can use congigurations 241 to 248 to set the button's behavior (for 'scene' mode set them to 1, for 'default' - to 0. 2,3,4,5 are for include, remove, associate and learn).
Also somebody reported that it is necessary to set 250-th param to 0. I've not found so in the docs, and my minimote works well without a command. However - to let you know.

Each scene may contain up to 20 commands. They are numbered as configuration parameters. 0-19 affect button 1 tap, 20-39 - button 1 hold, 40-59 - button 2 tap, 60-79 - button 2 hold, and etc up to 220-239 for button 6 hold.

By default scenes send 'basic switch' commands. According to techs, you need to put nodeid and basic value into param. How to do that, if you have to enter only 1 number in expert UI? Well, just pack node (MSB) and value into big number and send it!
For example, if I want button 1 tap to switch light on node 3, I have to set in 'expert commands' this configuration value for my minimote
parameter : 1 (actually - any of 0..19)
Value: 1023 (that is: 3-th node *256 + 'on' value, which is 255)
size: 2 byte
And if I want same button long press to switch it off, I have to set:
Parameter: 21
Value: 768 (which is 3*256+0)
Size: 2 byte

Another example: I want tap on 2-nd button to set dimmer on node 32 to 50%:
parameter: 41
value: 8242 (which is 32*256+50).

Don't forget to 'wake up' your minimote, in ordet to actually apply these values! (hold 'learn' for 3 seconds untill it blinking).

So, now you can assign any switches to minimote. However, what about other commands than simple 'basicset'?
Well, it is possible! You need to set same parameters (0..239), but not in 'configuration', but in 'assotiation command configuration'.
This command is not available in expert ui (it was available in z-wave cloud, but now it is gone).
However you can form and send the command manually. That may be done by executing and URL from your browser, like
The bytes after 'SendData' are first, the nodeid of minimote (in line above that is 4). And then - the blob.
First two bytes (0x9b, 1) mandatory (that is command class, and then command 'set').
next (61) - is the param to save. May be from 0 to 239. Note, that params saved by 'configuration' command share the same memory as command saved by 'association command configuration'. So, if you already have some setting, say, in parameter 20 - you have to chose either other number for same button (21..39), or the setting will be overwritten.
Next byte (3) is the node to which the saved command will be sent. In this case - node 3.
Then (7) - is just the len of the following blob (i.e., 7 more bytes after this '7' value).
And finally blob of the command - 0x60,13,1,2,0x25,1,0. Techs says that it is limited to 8 bytes max. I'd not checked it!
In this case the command is taken directly from the 'inspect queue' window, it appeared when I'd switched off the light on the second channel of fibaro double switch.
(The bytes in queue were:
3 7 60 d 1 2 25 1 ff 25 - when switched on,
3 7 60 d 1 2 25 1 0 25 - when switched off. Just guess the ascribed blob from here ;).

Another example: let set short press on first button to send 'switch to scene 11' command to the controller!
The blob for it will be 4 bytes (0x2B, 1, 11, 0). (above in the thread PoltoS noted to use 3 bytes, but I've found that it doesn't work. However 4 bytes works ok.
The command will be sent to the controller (1), size is 4 bytes. Let us save it into 0 param (first for tap of 1-st button). My minimote lives on 5-th node. So, I have to do:


Well, why don't also assign the scenes to all the rest of the buttons? And to long pressings also?

1long - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,20,1,4,0x2B,1,12,0])
2tap - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,40,1,4,0x2B,1,21,0])
2long -http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,60,1,4,0x2B,1,22,0])
3tap - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,80,1,4,0x2B,1,31,0])
3long -http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,100,1,4,0x2B,1,32,0])
4tap - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,120,1,4,0x2B,1,41,0])
4long - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,140,1,4,0x2B,1,42,0])
5tap - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,160,1,4,0x2B,1,51,0])
5long - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,180,1,4,0x2B,1,52,0])
6tap - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,200,1,4,0x2B,1,61,0])
6long - http://razberrypi/JS/Run/zway.SendData(5,[0x9b,1,220,1,4,0x2B,1,62,0])

Finally wake up the minimote to apply all of this. That's all!
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by Duvel »


I had to set parameter 250 to 1 to get button presses to show up in the logs:

Code: Select all

Not sure if it was necessary, but I guess this way the Minimote communicates with the controller in stead of direct with the devices.

After activating the App "Trap events from Remotes and Sensors" and clicking long and short on alle the buttons, they all showed up as devices.

Then with the App "If -> Then" I was able to toggle a switch or start a scene with the buttons.
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by deamn »

Hi, in this discussion, they are some different solutions for configuring minimote and razberry.
Today, with V2.2.0, which solution I can use?
Currently it doesn't work. My minimote are on firmware 1.19, and it's listed like device but I don't understand how to configure Scene or Button. On "smarthome" pages, I don't found Scene. I installed the app Scene but it doesn't see my switches and my minimote...
Thank you for your help
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Re: Aeonlabs Minimote configuration

Post by deamn »

Hello, when I switch on the expertui, I can see the minimote under Device tab. It seems recognized well.
When I go into configuration tab, I can set an action for each button (parameters 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248). But they are an error message before and after I click on buttons "Update from device" or "Save into device" (see attachment).
I don't understand the problem and how I can resolve it.
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Re: Aeonlabs Miniremote configuration

Post by PoltoS »

Wake up your device!
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