Device Description Record - ZRP210

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Device Description Record - ZRP210

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Which DDR should I use for the HomePro ZRP210 Plugin Appliance Module UK?
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There is no Z-Wave Device Description Record for this device yet

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The deivce is quite old and AFAIK is discontinued. Basically you can use your device without any ZDD record. The only mising thing would be:Text descriptions of association groups, device name and photo - this is not critical at all.List of Configuration parameters - this can be critical for you.Note that Configuration parameters are similar to some of ACT devices, you can select most relevan ZDDR manually.If there are no similar devices, you can create yourself such a record and send it to us, so we can extend our DB with the record for ZRP210. For this you have to go to Device Configuration tab, select your ZRP210, press Expert mode button at the bottom, click on Advanced Actions then on Save Device Description Record and Show Device Description Record. Then send us this file (you can do File->Save as in your browser). We would be happy if you include in your mail with ZDDR a descriptions of all config parameters or the manual in PDF format, so we can copy & paste from it without re-typing all the text.
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