Duwi Remote

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Duwi Remote

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I have a Duwi Remote and I'm having a couple of issues getting it to work.
I can include it in the network however the interview never seems to really complete, if I re-include it then sometimes it tells me the interview is complete but then there are no configurable options available. I assumed at the very least I'd be able to make associations in the same way as is possible with the Duwi wall controllers.
Using the remote's own control buttons I can associate it with single devices on my network and they function okay. Does anyone know if this is the expected operation or should I be able to do more with this remote? Should I be able to make associations via z-cloud?

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This device is quite old and does not really work with a gateway

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According to the description we got from our tests and the device manual, it does not have any configuration parameters and does not present Association Command Class to allow assignments of associations from a gateway. So, this is the expected behaviour implemented by manufacturer.
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