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Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049

Posted: 15 Feb 2015 22:44
by RottenMutt
The Honeywell Zwstat includes and the interview completes.

Expert UI it will allow me to switch modes (heat, off, cool) and change the setpoint; I have the temperature set at 76C, and if i push the minus or plus buttons the mode switches to heat and 52 degrees F. I can switch to heat and off only, if i select AC i get heat.

HA displays the current temperature 23.3 C, only allow for heat to be turned on or off (no AC) and the heat set in Celsius. Missing is AC.

If i switch to Fahrenheit in Defaults.xml the range sliders in Expert UI are still between 0F and 40F!!! the scale didn't convert to the F.

Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW

Posted: 18 Feb 2015 06:26
by viper384
I have the same issue as you with a CT100 running code Z-way v2.0.1-rc12. It only works in the old "blueui". I noticed when it was trying to set the temperature using the ExpertGUI it was using the wrong commandClass(67) when it should have used commandClass(64).

Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049

Posted: 18 Feb 2015 07:12
by RottenMutt ... -01-01.xml

i don't understand what the "zwave device library" is for, but it looks like mine might be a slightly different version then what is in the library, TH8320ZW1049 vs TH8320ZW1000...
only difference is terminals are slightly different for the wires ...

is there a way to force load the one in the library?? or can i edit the one from the library and load it...

Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049

Posted: 21 Feb 2015 16:45
by RottenMutt
yep, works in the old "blueui"

Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049

Posted: 07 Jul 2015 23:44
by Plainsane
yea, same here. i would like the new ui to show farenhit? currently it shows Celsius and on my temp it show celsius with the far. notation.

Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049

Posted: 05 Sep 2015 19:18
by RottenMutt
There has been baby steps towards progress with thermostats. V2.1.1

cool mode is missing, i would rather like to set heat mode gone being replaced by a four-way toggle, between off, cool, heat and auto. individual set points for heat and cool works for me, so good job!!