Sigma UZB and frequency question

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Sigma UZB and frequency question

Post by jambel »


I have a US Sigma UZB controller. I run the script that change the frequency ( to convert it to EU.

$ sudo bash '/home/john/Desktop/' /dev/ACM0 EU
Switch to European Frequency (848.4 ... 869 MHz)

But how can I check that it's changed, or this script does not support the Sigma UZB?


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Re: Sigma UZB and frequency question

Post by dolpheen »

US and EU z-wave trancievers use different RF hardware. So, A.F.A.I.K you cannot change from US->EU (for example EU and RU have same hardware so you can switch frequency)
Also commands to switch frequency are manufacture specific.
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Re: Sigma UZB and frequency question

Post by PoltoS »

Note that this script is Z-Wave.Me specific. It will not work with Sigma UZB.

Also as stated above, even after switching from US to EU the range will be shortened due to SAW filter difference.

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