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MyQ Garage Door Opener

Posted: 31 Oct 2015 08:07
by rhearob
Hello - I am a noob to Razberry (As in just started working with it this afternoon. I am trying to switch everything off of a SmartThings Hub and take advantage of all f the cool new features. One of the key things I want to do is to integrate Razberry with my My Q garage door opener. Chamberlain's My Q Service has a Web Service where you can get the state of each door on your account and send the desired state. This has been working for me so I really don't want to tear down the system and replace it. There is some Javascript code for managing this that has worked for me in the past here:

And I was trying to figure out how best to integrate this in to Razberry. There are functions to red the status and to change the status. I was thinking I should put the functions in custom JS Code Apps, and then create a code switch that calls the code to get the state, and toggle it based on the state.

Any thoughts on the best way to accomplish this?

Re: MyQ Garage Door Opener

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 08:43
by amymcpherson
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Re: MyQ Garage Door Opener

Posted: 21 Sep 2018 06:30
by mbriney
@rhearrob did you get any further on this? I've got the same setup as well and am interested in adding it to my Razberry.