WALLC-2 - Other colors for the paddles soon?

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WALLC-2 - Other colors for the paddles soon?

Post by CrazyFin »

I really loved the message about the new version/generation of the WALLC-switches WALLC-2 that now can use frames from for example Merten and Schneider Electric.

I live in Sweden where we have Schneider Electrics really nice frames (and paddles) from the series called EXXACT.

I have for example their black glass frames and their stainless steel frames that I am now testing with the new WALLC-2 controller.

I just wish that it would be possible to use the paddles from the EXXACT series as well so that I can get the paddles in the "antracite" color instead of only white that comes with the WALLC-2.

I have about 20-30 switches that I would easily change to WALLC-2 if I could use the original antracit colored switches from EXXACT series OR if WALLC-2 would offer an option to buy paddles in that color. 8-)
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Re: WALLC-2 - Other colors for the paddles soon?

Post by marcusmco »

I'm curious what paddles you're using at the moment? I have white Exxact devices at home and just want the paddles to look as close as possible to white Exxact in terms of the shape, gloss, colour etc.

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