Schlage BE469 Lock

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Schlage BE469 Lock

Post by Raymond_B »

Hello, I have recently setup a Razberry controller running Z-way v2.2.1-rc6. Everything is working fine, however I had a question or two.

My door lock is a Schlage BE469 and I have installed the Niffler app after reading this thread ( ... ilit=BE469).

My hopes are to log specific door lock user/code events and alert based on those. But I do not see anything user or code specific coming across in the z-way-server.log. I see manual lock and unlock, keypad lock and unlock, but again no data on a specific code. It seems other brand controllers are logging this information. How do they do so?

This isn't meant as a knock against z-way, I am loving it so far :)
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Re: Schlage BE469 Lock

Post by vlad »

I just got the same lock and razberry module. After playing with the lock for a while I see that this Schlage BE469 lock (btw. mine has 6.8 firmware) does not have Door Lock Logging command class... meaning it's not possible to get information who/when was opening this lock.

So, you are saying other brands are logging this information. How can they do this if this lock does not implement that command class?

EDIT: I've got you a workaround. This lock update object with last lock operation and userID.
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